Nicola Shubrook - Nutritional Therapist & Clinical Hypnotherapist - Urban Wellness

I am registered nutritional therapist and clinical hypnotherapist, and Director or Urban Wellness, working with both private and corporate clients to help them improve their health, mentally and physically.  

About 2.5 years ago, I finally took the leap from a fun but somewhat exhausting 20+ year career in media to follow my passion of running Urban Wellness full-time.  I knew it was what I wanted to do, and that I would succeed, but whilst my passion and enthusiasm encouraged me to make the leap, I left with no business plan in place other than a "I know I can do this" self belief!  Whilst I still firmly believe this, one of the key elements I missed was that 'team support' to run ideas or problems by, and naturally a strategic direction to help me focus on driving my business and growing it further, particularly as I am a one-man band and there is a finite number of hours in the week.  As I said to Shereen when we first spoke, I didn't leave media to work a six day week!

I have been working with Shereen for several months now and the biggest change so far for me has been that Shereen is my own personal cheerleader!  She has really helped me focus my attention on the profitable areas of my business, how to better manage my time and energy, but I also have a three-year plan in place to reach the bigger goals that I want for my business.

I have already recommended friends to work with Shereen as her experience, knowledge and ability to really understand what YOU need in order to grow your business is invaluable.  If you are starting your own business, it can be a tough and somewhat lonely place sometimes and we all need a Shereen in our back pocket to cheer us on and support us to thrive.

Shereen Mahmoud