I have worked with many people, from different backgrounds and professions over the course of my career.

Read some of their feedback.

Shereen has been a fantastic support to me as a business and personal coach over the last year. She has an engaging and creative approach, using Gestalt to bring real depth to our sessions. My coaching journey with Shereen has led me to find new and valuable insights about myself and make business and life decisions that feel right for me. I would highly recommend her to anyone, who is looking to invest in themselves through coaching.
— Head of Talent & Culture - Media Agency

Having run my own business for 15 years my work/life balance was considerably out of whack, I was stressed and often overwhelmed meaning that my personal life was non existent and running my business was running me.

Meeting with Shereen allowed me to work through ideas of ways that I could change this balance, envisioning what getting the right support for my business would look like and how to get there. We also worked on prioritising a personal life and getting me on the road to meeting new people and giving me confidence in the scary world of dating.

I am pleased to say that I now have an excellent general manger and have also met the most wonderful partner. I have Shereen to thank for helping me achieve all this and am looking forward to all the adventures to come as my business grows and my relationships develop.

If you are ever thinking about a life coach I would recommend Shereen in a heartbeat.
— Director and Founder - Fashion Label

Shereen has a very engaging and empathetic coaching style and gives you the tools to find solutions and make real changes for yourself. With a fresh perspective on a situation and creative frameworks to work through how to gain better results, coaching with Shereen has helped me to take on new work challenges with confidence and make them a success.
— Client Services Director - Digital PR Agency

Shereen has a great way of making a person feel at ease and heard. She brings with her vast knowledge of the corporate world which benefits corporate and small business clients. She is warm, creative and gives a lot to her clients. Be prepared to be challenged!
— Business Startup Mentor & Psychotherapist

My time working with Shereen had been invaluable to moving me on from a very troubled place to a completely new and positive situation in a remarkably short time. With Shereen’s help I was able to make huge strides towards where I was aiming to get to and feel like a very different person. The coaching has also given me the tools to hopefully continue in a positive way and a feeling of strength and confidence that I can do so. It’s really been a life changing experience!
— Head of Insight - Government

I first met Shereen during a very high pressured period in my career. Having moved to a senior position within a new company I was struggling with a new structure and felt disconnected with the vision. I was really lacking perspective about what I wanted out of the job and how I could add most value to the company. Over a few sessions I worked with Shereen to get right to the fundamentals of who I was as a professional person, and how to navigate my situation to my (and my company’s) advantage. I really enjoyed the process and have come out the other side with real clarity, and some very useful tools for dealing with my day to day. Would certainly recommend.
— Managing Director - Digital Fashion Publication

Shereen is an incredible personal coach. She worked with me personally, as well as running a programme for the leadership team I’m on that included five sessions for five managers. She is really thoughtful and directed in her approach. I especially like the way I walked out of every session with a concrete list of action items I could either work on or think about. She was able to relate to the challenges I presented without having a deep understanding of the industry I’m involved in. I learned a lot about myself and I use the skills she taught me on a daily basis. I would recommend her to anyone looking to make concrete changes at work.
— Senior Platform Lead - EMEA at Oath

Shereen is a joy to work with; she is very knowledgeable, caring and reliable. Shereen uses her extensive knowledge and expertise to ensure every session addresses the specific skills and tools you need to achieve your goals.
— Health and Wellness Communications Consultant

Shereen is a fantastic coach and has been a really valuable support to me.

Her friendly and flexible style suited me well, putting me at ease, so we could discuss a broad range of areas over our time together.

I also found her background and understanding of fast-paced work environments (like my own) very helpful, as she was able to build on some of her own experiences, and relate to me both personally and professionally, offering a great balance.
— Executive Business Director - OMD UK

Shereen has a fantastic coaching style, that rare blend of sharp insight and robust emotional intelligence.
Shereen is constructively challenging with a real depth of corporate experience to draw from.
Our coaching time has proven an invaluable asset to help facilitate both personal progress and professional change.
— Vice President - Universal Pictures

I took coaching sessions with Shereen last year in 2017 and it has been an amazing experience. She came to our company with a corporate benefit program in which we could take group and individual coaching sessions. Shereen helped me throughout those sessions to change my bad habits, lower my stress levels and improve my overall well-being. She is a professional as well as kind soul that guides her clients towards better life and improvement of themselves. I would recommend Shereen for both group and individual coaching sessions.
— Sales Operations and Strategy Senior Mgr at Oath

Shereen was a delight to work wth. She manages to command the room with her calm composure and deep knowledge of the task in hand. I have no doubt that we can all learn from Sheeren.
— Managing Director - Fortnight Collective

I’m so grateful to have found Shereen. Working with her has been an absolutely wonderful experience. Initially I was overwhelmed and felt unable to take control of my life and career but she gave me tools to be empowered and armoured for my best life. Shereen’s methods are thoughtful, nurturing, engaging and practical. Her approach helped me redefine and rebuild myself even beyond the professional scope. After only a few months of coaching I’m happily settled in the career path of my dreams and working towards other life goals. I’ll continue to work with Shereen and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking life or career coaching.
— Event Manager - Finance

Shereen has recently provided one to one coaching for me & I’ve found this process invaluable.
Sessions were conducted via Skype & although we didn’t meet in person, Shereen instantly made me feel comfortable which helped me discuss challenges that I was experiencing.
I particularly like the fact that Shereen not only focuses on professional wellbeing but also personal wellbeing & in each session, she explored what my goals were, offered advice on how to approach certain situations & really helped me to visualise what my ideal solution would be. I have received coaching in the past and I feel the best way to way to approach the process is if you are completely open & honest & Shereens approach generates this kind of dialogue. I’ve really enjoyed working with Shereen & hope our paths cross again in the future.
— Account Director - Catalina Marketing