Shereen Hoban Coaching (LTD)

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Phone: 07966 503775

How we'll work together

We start with a consultation call. This is for you to share your desired outcomes from the programme and for me to determine how I can help you most effectively. You will benefit from extensive experience, fresh thinking and relevant research.

I invest in my own professional development to ensure my methods remain robust and relevant. I hold my coaching sessions in person in a private and comfortable environment or via video call. These can be supplemented by phone and email if needed.

Guiding principles to my approach


I believe that, as my client, you are capable and resourceful with the ability to overcome whatever challenge you face. 


My role is one of empowerment. It’s my aim to unlock your ability to thrive through enquiry, challenge, appraisal and support. I will use carefully tailored techniques and incisive questioning to take you out of your comfort zone. This will accelerate your problem-solving and allow you to implement effective change through positive action.


I take a holistic approach to coaching principles. Together, we will take all aspects of your life and motivations into account. The sessions will draw on your past experiences and consider future outcomes. We will take into account both your personal and your professional life. Although the focus will always be on your current challenges, extending beyond these will provide a more rounded view of your individual self and will shape our course together more effectively.


I encourage a proactive approach as we set the agenda and define goals for the process. Once our agenda has been accomplished, the coaching will be complete.


Our relationship should be an equal partnership. This partnership should be mutually respectful and free from judgement. This provides space for us to explore specific issues in a positive and productive manner. I will stretch and support your thinking within a secure and confidential environment. You will be encouraged to talk openly and honestly. Together we will practice new techniques and identify actionable solutions to the challenges you face. 


Our focus will be to initiate significant and sustainable change in your life through positive action. The core essence of coaching is to increase self-awareness, to achieve clarity of choice and narrow the gap between potential and achievement. By choosing coaching, you must be ready to accept significant change in your life and to modify any aspects of it that are holding you back. You must be fully committed and prepared to put in the work. I will be beside you at every step providing complete support. I want you to enjoy the journey to your new self.