Ambitious professional? New business owner?

Got an amazing vision and want to (finally!) get started making it a reality?

Great! It’s lovely to have you here! And thanks for checking out my services.


If you’re ready to change your life and to grow a successful career or business then you’re in exactly the right place. I’m an experienced business and mindfulness coach (PGCert & Dip) and work with talented and ambitious women (and men!) to fast-track them on the path to success, so they can enjoy the kind of self-fulfilment and happiness they used to think was only possible for other people.


What if you could:

  • Get crystal clear on your 2019 goals and 90 day action plan

  • Clarify your vision and understand exactly how to make it a reality

  • Avoid the overwhelm and feel in control 

  • Secure your dream and supercharge your potential

  • Shift your mindset to success 

  • Ditch your self-doubt

  • Harness mindfulness techniques to enhance clarity


That would be nice right? It would be more than nice. It would be completely transformative. 100% life-changing.

My tailor-made Mindset, Mindfulness & Mastery group training course makes all the above possible in just 6 weeks. I designed it to give you a tangible and bespoke course of action. 

For me, it’s all about giving you the tools to build your vision and goals, embrace your fears and claim a happier, more rewarding life.

In the Mindset, Mindfulness & Mastery group course I cover everything you need to hone your strategic thinking and bring about the big picture results you dream of.  



 If you’d like to:

  • Feel confident about what you want your vision to look like (and know how to make this happen)

  • Get real about your desires for your life, your career or business

  • Network with likeminded entrepreneurs & professionals for ongoing support

  • Spend more time with your family, alongside growing your business or developing your career.

…then Mindset, Mindfulness & Mastery is absolutely for you. 


My approach combines the professional and the strategic with mindfulness practices that ensure you have total balance. I truly believe success is meaningless without happiness. As a qualified mindfulness practitioner, a huge part of my method is rooted in ensuring you’re in touch with your ‘now’, so you can own your power and claim your happiness. 


Why my Mindset, Mindfulness & Mastery course exists

I created this group course to support entrepreneurs and professionals in achieving their goals with ease. And let me tell you that the ‘I can really do this’ buzz is totally addictive! 

With my coaching, I kept coming into contact with entrepreneurs and professionals who wanted to change their lives, own their earning power and have a better work/life balance, except they “couldn’t.” 

So many of these talented individuals were guilty of doing the exact same things I once did – questioning themselves and feeling powerless about their potential to have what they wanted.

Mindset, Mindfulness & Mastery has been tailor-made to crush those doubts, heighten your confidence, and give you the toolkit you need to change your life.




The Mindset, Mindfulness & Mastery group course covers: 



  • Eliminate self-limiting beliefs

  • Reset your thinking on your money making ability

  • Cultivate your confidence and become unstoppable 

  • Learn mindfulness techniques that combat stress and enhance your resilience and strategic ability

  • Challenge your fears and unleash the power of positive thought

  • Evaluate and release your inner power 



  • Get clear on what you want from your life and business 

  • Understand what you value and what motivates you

  • Identify tangible life and business goals that signal success

  • Pinpoint what makes you happy

  • Develop the bouncebackability every entrepreneur and professional needs 


  • Learn how to get ultra organised to leverage your time 

  • Learn how to prioritise and make progress every single day

  • Map out a bullet-proof yearly plan 

  • Set out your next 90 day goals and immediate action plan


What’s included?

  • 6 live weekly group coaching (zoom) calls with me

  • Access to the closed Mindset, Mindfulness & Mastery members Facebook community

  • Weekly PDFs and supporting workbooks and videos

  • Weekly tailored meditations and mindfulness trainings and techniques

  • Weekly Facebook coaching Q&A thread

Mindset, Mindfulness & Mastery is tailor-made for entrepreneurs and professionals who are serious about making lasting change in their careers, businesses and their lives. I developed it to give you maximum value and total support.

In just 6 weeks you’ll be well ahead of the game, and will feel able to embrace your future and hit the ground running with a growth-secure life that you can feel confident about.

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*This is a very special beta launch for a select group, so there are limited places available!