Mind. Set. Flow is a 12-week online programme that will up-level your happiness and your business, giving you the tools to create the income, lifestyle and self-fulfilment you’ve always wanted.

As an accredited coach with 15 years of strategic business experience , I’ve devoted my career to identifying potential and making it a reality. I’d love to help you realise your ambitions and transform your confidence so you can lead the life you’ve always dreamed of.  

My Mind.Set.Flow course is happiness-focused and blends holistic practices with tried and trusted strategies. It’s about getting in balance, in focus and in flow. 



 Ask yourself. Do you…

  • Feel overwhelmed with decisions?

  • Unable to think strategically when you’re problem-solving on a daily basis?

  • Feel like you’re spinning too many plates?

  • Have trouble identifying the true focus of your business?

  • Truly know who your ideal clients are and how to convert them?

  • Wish someone could wave a magic wand to get your business in shape?

  • Worry about your ability to see your business idea through?

  • Doubt your ability to realise your vision?

  • Fear failure and crave success?

  • Crave confidence and resilience?

  • Have dreams you’re afraid you won’t fulfil?

  • Feel alone in your business journey?

  • Wish you had more time for the things that matter in your life?




 What would life look like if you…

  • were absolutely clear about your priorities, in business and in life?

  • had a dedicated plan to achieve your objectives?

  • had constant support from like-minded individuals to help you fulfil your dreams?

  • had total and utter confidence in yourself?

  • had a work/life balance which gave you free time to live life on your terms?

  • could transform every challenge into an opportunity?

  • work life and personal life were in harmony?

  • felt a deep connection to your intuition? 

  • could create and sustain long-term success?

  • no longer had any fears about the future of your business?

  • no longer felt like you’re heading for burn out?

  • could live without the overwhelm?

  • had someone you could talk to who cares about your success as much as you do?




LIZ BARKER - Director & Lead Coach
- Fit For Living

“I first came to Shereen to help me turn my hobby business from passion to profit. In my previous business I had  partners and now working on my own I missed and struggled not having that person to sound off ideas with, someone to keep me accountable and for emotional support when things get tough. Shereen fills these roles for me and I still own 100% of my company…”


INDIA MAJURY - Health Kinesiologist & Coach - I'm Health & Wellbeing

“Shereen was recommended to me when I was in a particularly sticky situation with my new business. I could barely keep my head above water - I felt like I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, my diary was all over the place and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t keep it organised…”

Nicola Shubrook - small.png

NICOLA SHUBROOK - Nutritional Therapist & Clinical Hypnotherapist - Urban Wellness

“I have been working with Shereen for several months now and the biggest change so far for me has been that Shereen is my own personal cheerleader!  She has really helped me focus my attention on the profitable areas of my business, how to better manage my time and energy, but I also have a three-year plan in place to reach the bigger goals that I want for my business… “

“Shereen’s style of coaching was instrumental in the immense progress I have made so far.”

“Her no-nonsense approach to setting boundaries, delivered in the most empathetic, friendly way. It’s a real skill to be that direct and honest whilst still coming across as one of the nicest people on the planet.”

“Shereen is so approachable and always has creative ways to get you back on track or thinking about things differently - she has a wealth of experience that she brings to the table and all delivered in a practical way that makes you feel inspired and motivated.”

“Shereen’s high and positive energy is infectious so I feel constantly motivated and supported. I also feel listened to and understood, like she wants what is absolutely best for me and is excited with me as I go on this journey.”

“Shereen provides 100% focus on what I need help with and provides me unwavering support to get me through my challenges.”

“Without Mind. Set. Flow and Shereen’s guidance, I would still be struggling to gain focus and structure around my business and therefore running myself into the ground in the process.”

“I love how she helps me make choices that are focused to what I want and need not just what I think I should do.”


With my exclusive Mind. Set. Flow programme you can increase your income, eliminate stress, discover the power of confidence and expand and fulfil your full potential. You can sync your work with your values, your family, your passions. You can find your flow and make your business a truly satisfying and rewarding part of your life. With Mind. Set. Flow the possibilities for harmony, happiness,health and wealth are limitless.

You just need to commit.

Are you ready to transform? Grow? Expand? Spiritually and financially?

It’s time to take that first step to phenomenal CHANGE.

What are you waiting for?



Discover the strategies and techniques that can transform your wellbeing and your business

Discover my secret to working less, earning more and enhancing your happiness - for good.

Learn what it takes to launch, grow and expand your business and find out how to build brilliance into all aspects of your life. 

My programme and coaching work has seen me train and develop individuals to rise to the top of their game in some of the world’s best known companies. I supercharge their focus, their businesses, their strategies and their self-belief. For me it’s personal. The individual and unlocking their potential for happiness and success. I believe my success hinges upon my unique approach of holistic and mindful practices alongside hard-line, effective business strategies. For me, it’s about having harmony – a flow between your inner and outer self. When that happens then happiness, success and progress always follow.




An online 12-week programme which teaches entrepreneurs and business owners how to develop and grow their businesses.

 Learn how to work less and earn more. It offers practical and strategic insight alongside mindfulness to provide a results-driven agenda which leads to transformative self-development and businesses which thrive.

Three ingredients for success



Mindfulness | Meditation | Mindset | Confidence




Set for Success | Strategy | Planning | Process




Flourish | Balance | Holistic Harmony | Synchronicity




Perfect for entrepreneurs at any stage of their journey, from start-ups to solopreneurs, co-founders, coaches and more.

If you have a business, run a business or have an idea for a business, Mind. Set. Flow. is for you.

 If you want to launch a new company, grow your client base or increase sales, Mind. Set. Flow. is for you. 

If you want to supercharge your income while finding a new life balance, Mind. Set. Flow. is for you.

It’s for women who are serious about creating harmony and happiness in their lives, who strive for a truly brilliant life and business, who want to overcome the overwhelm, all while building phenomenal business success.




Mind. Set. Flow. is a twelve-week course which is delivered online.

 Comprising of ten in-depth modules with two additional weeks for bonus content, each week you can expect the following:

  • A live, interactive training session with me.

  • A workbook or focused exercises.

  • Fortnightly live group coaching session.

  • Private Facebook group access to me and my team of experts.




MODULE 1: SPOTLIGHT ON YOU – Your values, strength and vision

With an inside-out approach we’ll go deep, discovering the WHY of your business and the WHY you’re the best person to realise its’ potential.

MODULE 2: THE ART OF PROGRESS – Power up your productivity. 

Adopt intuitive ways to overcome the overwhelm and get further ahead more quickly. Learn how to do, be, and achieve more, with less stress, in less time. 


Dispel doubt and ditch “I can’t”. This module is devoted to harnessing your confidence and saying goodbye to self-limiting beliefs. You’ll gain deep insight into what is holding you back and will be equipped with practical workshops so you can get clear on your self-worth and your individual path to success. 


– How to build an authentic business in line with your values.

How to build an authentic business that works for you, your values, your vision and your skills set. Learn how to keep your motivation high, how to work smarter, not harder and how to create opportunities for growth, harmony and happiness. 


– Discover how to integrate mindfulness into your business

Learn how to overcome obstacles and overwhelm. Learn how to use creative, mindful thinking to side step problems and increase efficiency. 

MODULE 6: DEFINE YOUR SHINE – Dazzle the competition

Stand out in your marketplace and learn how to make a strong business brand that is as authentic as your personal brand. Learn how to communicate the essence of what makes you and your business unique. 

MODULE 7: MAXIMUM ATTRACTION – How to have the life you want

In this module it’s all about the power of attraction. Discover how to define and attract your ideal client and income. How to attract the right business opportunities and how to manifest the outcomes you want. We’ll get practical and focus on your perfect customer, your perfect packages and your perfect pricing.

MODULE 8: THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT – Creating genuine connections

Discover how to foster the right kind of engagement, how to measure your success and how to build your business, your network and your profile, without the fear of burn out.

MODULE 9: THE HAPPY ENTREPRENEUR – Success with a smile

Discover how to keep sight of your happiness and the techniques successful people use to avoid burnout. Expect intensive work on how to banish the blues and how to foster the right support network around you.

MODULE 10: FINANCES & FULFILMENT – Money management and financial planning

We blend financial planning and effective money management strategies with vision building for future abundance. Learn how to forecast, save and invest for stability and growth.






  • An opportunity to have my dedicated support and expertise for 12 weeks.

  • An opportunity to grow and expand.

  • An opportunity to claim your confidence and redefine your power.

  • An opportunity to transform what your future looks like.

  • An opportunity to earn more, learn more and work smart.  

#1 BONUS! Exclusive 121 Session With Shereen Hoban

Early sign ups to my 12-week Mind. Set. Flow. programme will be eligible for an exclusive 60-minute one-to-one session with me where we will get personal and practical about your vision. This hour-long call will be utterly tailored to your needs so you can get that in-depth attention and expertise in one intense dose, so you can start propelling your business and your life in the right direction.

#2 BONUS! Focused Session with an expert Social Media Strategist 

Learn how to plan and implement a social strategy that will grow your business reach and will work hard for you without taking over all your free time. 

#3 BONUS! Happiness Hypnotist session with Patti Buttrick 

Reset your mindset with experienced mindset specialist and professional hypnotist, Patti Buttrick who will ensure you banish self-limiting beliefs and embrace success.





How is the Mind. Set, Flow Course delivered? +

All content, meditations, workbooks and videos will be available in the exclusive members area, which you will be given access to, after signing up. Course materials are accessible via computer, tablet or smartphone, all you need to do is login.

The social side of the course is delivered via Facebook where you will become a part of our Mind.Set.Flow community page. You’ll be able to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and share advice and insight while getting all the additional support you need to make the most of your own journey.

Do I need a Facebook account to take the course? +

Yes – our Facebook group is a key part of the Mind.Set.Flow programme. It’s where you can connect with your fellow course mates and find support and advice to help keep you on track.

How can I be sure Mind. Set. Flow is right for me and my business? +

The course has been designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners, no matter what stage they are at of their business journey, but for me, it’s not just about work. It’s about making a choice toward a lifestyle an a happiness measure that makes sense for you and your circumstances. It really is about changing not only the future of your business, but about harnessing your happiness and a positive vision for the future. Mind. Set. Flow is perfect for anyone wishing to bring about big changes to their mindset, finances and future wellbeing. If you complete the modules and work through the course content with intention, then the results will speak for themselves.

How much of my time will it require each month? +

This is your call. You can spend as much or as little time on the course as you like or need. Watch the videos, practice the meditations and connect in the community as and when suits you. But I will say that committing to the course is important, you’ll get out as much as you put in and if you’re looking for change, you have to keep showing up, doing the work and learning along the way.

When does the course start and finish? +

Mind. Set. Flow starts on the 1st Oct and runs for 12 weeks but the course content will be available to members indefinitely in the members area once the course has come to an end.

Is it a live course or self-paced? +

The course runs live for 12 weeks. Twelve incredible weeks where you will be able to reset your mindset, your goals and your happiness to find true confidence, balance and power. Each module will be delivered weekly, but you can go at your own pace. It’s flexible, targeted learning, that’s goal-orientated.

Do you offer payment plans? +

Payment plans are possible and can be arranged by emailing my team at info@shereenhobancoaching.com.