My Mindset, Mindfulness & Mastery Group Coaching Programme has been tailor-made for entrepreneurs who are serious about making lasting change in their businesses and lives. I developed it to give you maximum value and total support.

If you’re ready to change your life and to grow a successful business then you’re in exactly the right place. I’m an experienced business and mindfulness coach (PGCert & Dip) and work with talented and ambitious women (and men!) to fast-track them on the path to success, so they can enjoy the kind of self-fulfilment and happiness they used to think was only possible for other people.

In just 6 weeks you’ll be well ahead of the game, and will feel able to embrace your future and hit the ground running with a growth-secure life that you can feel confident about.


Week 1

Visioning & Planning | Values | Mind Body Connection

Week 2

Ideal Clients | Packaging Your Service | Overcoming Limiting Beliefs | The Miracle of Mindfulness


🔒 Week 3

Branding & Standing Out | Focusing Your Mind


🔒 Week 4

Connecting & Visibility | Social Q&A | Your Story


🔒 Week 5

Productivity Planning | Practising Gratitude


🔒 Week 6

Future Planning | Your Inner Power