Never Run Low On Inspiration Again

Inspiration is what got you this far with your business, but how do you keep those creative juices flowing? 

It’s very easy to lose focus of your goals and the thrill of that light bulb moment that led you to set up your own business. Often, the stress of life can seem overpowering. Times like these are when its most important to feel inspired. Inspiration keeps you motivated and also keeps your business fresh, innovative and exciting. 

Inspiration can come in all sorts of forms and today I’d like to share the secret places I find my inspiration. Hopefully, by the end of this blog you’ll be feeling motivated and fired up to build your business! 

Role Models 

One of the best places to find inspiration is in the people around us. Take some time to find people in business who you admire - and watch what they do. Pick a few key role models, maybe people with similar lives, values, businesses or aspirations to you, and use them as inspiration. On those days where motivation lags, remember your role models and ask yourself, ‘What would he/she do?’ 

Creative Energy 

Ask yourself, how do you encourage your creativity and cultivate inspiration? If you’re unsure, maybe you could try: 

  • Going to a local networking event and meeting like-minded people. 

  • Visiting an art gallery or going to the theatre or a concert. 

  • Travelling somewhere new! 

  • Reading a great book or inspiring magazine. 

  • Drawing, painting, sewing, cooking, building - practice using your creative talents and watch inspiration grow. 

  • Watching a favourite film. 

  • Socialising with people who inspire you. 

  • Movement  – getting out for a walk, swim, jog or spot of gardening will help you see things from a refreshed perspective and encourage more creative thinking. 


Inspiration follows organisation. If you’re feeling a little lost, brainstorming, plotting and planning can be a great help. Organising your workspace or your calendar can make you feel more in control. This then allows you the headspace to focus on your business and imagine new possibilities. 


Dream big! Inspiration can often be found when we spend time remembering our hopes and dreams, so don’t ever let them go. Cultivate new ideas and ambitions by sitting down and imagining your biggest goals. Where do you want to be in five years time? If you could do anything you wanted, what would it be? What is your ultimate goal for your business? Even if it feels totally crazy, dream big and you will naturally find yourself feeling more inspired to build your business. 

Vision Boards 

A vision board is a collage of imagery which invokes and inspires. It can be anything from a cork board stuck on your wall to a Pinterest account. Vision boards are a great way of regularly inspiring yourself to keep going and are fun to create. Collect images which bring you joy and remind you of your goals. This is an easy tool to inspire yourself every day.

Remember that inspiration is the key to motivation. Sometimes you have to work hard to be inspired but that’s okay. Keep going, find what works and practice the art of inspiration. If you’d like to know more about what inspires me, just ask - I’d be happy to share!

Shereen Hoban is an executive business coach and entrepreneurial coach. Find out more about her coaching services and programmes here: Sign up to join her Launch & Thrive Facebook Community for Women Entrepreneurs.

Shereen Hoban