Mindfulness & Business

There are plenty of great business strategies out there. From budgeting systems to motivation and professional development - a lot of work goes into helping us work better. But, what if the most important strategy was inside our own minds? I believe that mindfulness is key.

Mindfulness and business go hand-in-hand. As a business coach, I am practical and strategic, I care about the nitty gritty. But, I also care deeply about the person behind the business. That is really where the power is - in you. That’s why mindfulness is so important. Practicing mindfulness helps keep me grounded, focussed and healthy, which in turn helps my business grow and thrive.

Personally, mindfulness is an essential part of my day to day work and life. It is an important element of balancing my business with the rest of my life. There are so many things which I love about mindfulness. Here are my top three:

  • It declutters my mind and allows me to focus better.

  • It centres me on what matters.

  • It keeps me calm and able to thrive under pressure.

Don’t Sleepwalk Your Life Away!

The opposite of mindfulness is mindlessness. Mindlessness is a state of existence where you aren’t present and don’t really notice what is happening around you. You let your life wash over you and are passive - rather than being an active presence. On the other hand, mindfulness is about being fully present. It means taking the time to think about your situation, your daily tasks and your emotional state.

Anxiety is the Enemy of Business Growth

Anxiety and business do not mix well. When we become stressed or anxious, the chemicals that fill our brain block off neural pathways. This means we cannot process things logically or solve problems effectively. Mindfulness allows you to take back control and force your brain out of anxiety mode and into thinking mode. Balance and resilience are two essential factors for business and life development. Choosing mindfulness in times of stress is one great way to build these characteristics. Over time, you can hardwire your brain to respond well under pressure by teaching it mindfulness techniques.

‘But mindfulness just isn’t for me!

You might think that mindfulness means locking yourself in a yoga studio filled with candles or sitting crossed legged and meditating beside a Buddha. This is such a misconception! While that works wonderfully for some people, there are plenty of other mindfulness practices which can be incorporated into your everyday. Here are some simple mindfulness ideas to try today:

  • Take a mindful walk. Unplug your earphones and focus on your surroundings.

  • Learn some easy breathing exercises.

  • While you’re taking your tea break, focus on drinking your cup of tea. Think through

    the sensations you’re experiencing and allow that focus to calm you.

  • Do a mental scan of your body, assessing how you feel. Then, think about each part

    of your body slowly relaxing as you breath into it, from your toes to your head.

  • Learn some simple stretches to try at lunch time.

  • Take some time to think through the colours of the rainbow. As each colour enters

    your mind, think about what emotions you associate with it.

Benefits of Mindfulness

There are many proven benefits of mindfulness. In terms of business, mindfulness is proven to boost concentration, memory retention, creativity and strategic ability. What could be better?! By simply incorporating some mindfulness into your every day routine, you can calm the noise in your mind and focus on what matters.

If you’d like some extra mindfulness tips or want to talk about how I use mindfulness in my everyday life and with my clients, then get in touch today!


I’d love to hear about your mindfulness progress.

Shereen Hoban is an executive business coach and entrepreneurial coach. To find out how coaching can drive you forward with your business and personal goals, you can book a free discovery call below.

Shereen Hoban